October 2, 2013

"Trouble Leaves a Scent Trail" on sale now in Lightspeed!

Lightspeed's October edition is out, and it looks like a great one! My story will be available online on October 15, and it's available in ebook format now.

"Trouble Leaves a Scent Trail" is the tale of an alien cop with a very significant case. It asks the question: what kinds of crimes could happen in a hive society?

Back when this story was first published in 2005, it made it into two 'Best Of' anthologies and was nominated for the Fountain Award.

The Lightspeed edition also contains an Author Spotlight in which I discuss the writing of the story and how it was inspired.

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What makes the story so much fun is Cooper's richly imagined insect world: where new models of clones are tested in society, and subject to recall if found defective; and where communication and navigation are conducted primarily by scent. --Bluejack, Internet Review of Science Fiction, 4/05

...The fact that the main character is a big bug that would give the Incredible Hulk feelings of physical inadequacy appeals to the inner 8-year-old-boy. Crunch! Crack! Squish! --Paul Iutzi, Tangent 5/3/05