July 14, 2015

Table of contents for To Shape the Dark!

Athena Andreadis, editor of the upcoming anthology To Shape the Dark, has released the table of contents. The book comes out in Spring 2016, and it's going to be a tough wait.

To Shape the Dark

Athena Andreadis – Introduction: Astrogators Never Sleep
Constance Cooper – Carnivores of Can’t-Go-Home
M. Fenn – Chlorophyll is Thicker than Water
Jacqueline Koyanagi – Sensorium
Kristin Landon – From the Depths
Shariann Lewitt – Fieldwork
Vandana Singh – Of Wind and Fire: Descent
Aliette de Bodard – Crossing the Midday Gate
Melissa Scott – Firstborn, Lastborn
Anil Menon – Building for Shah Jehan
C. W. Johnson – The Age of Discovery
Terry Boren – Recursive Ice
Susan Lanigan – Ward 7
Kiini Ibura Salaam – Two Become One
Jack McDevitt – The Pegasus Project
Gwyneth Jones – The Seventh Gamer

To make it even more tantalizing, Athena has posted snippets from each story on her blog.

May 17, 2015

"Carnivores of Can't-Go-Home" to appear in new anthology

The previous anthology from Dr. Andreadis
I'm delighted to have a story of mine included in To Shape the Dark, an exciting new anthology that's coming out next year. The editor is Athena Andreadis, a molecular biologist who also writes stories and essays. You may also know her as the author of The Biology of Star Trek. In 2013 she edited The Other Half of the Sky, an anthology of mythic space opera with women protagonists which got a tremendous positive response, with rave reviews and myriad awards and other recognition.

To Shape the Dark will present science fiction stories about female scientists, mathematicians, or engineers living in universes where they don’t have to choose between work and family. There are also various other parameters designed to avoid tired SF tropes.

My story, "Carnivores of Can't-Go-Home," was a lot of fun to write. It involves two botanists on an alien planet where insects are enormous, and carnivorous plants are too.

July 19, 2014

My first novel sale!

I've sold my first novel! Guile will be published by Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Huge thanks go to my amazing agent, John Silbersack of Trident Media Group, and my wonderful editor, Dinah Stevenson of Clarion Books, for taking a chance on my book.

Guile is a fantasy novel set in the Bad Bayous, where the water makes strange and unpredictable changes to things (or animals, or people) that soak too long. It continues the adventures of Yonie Watereye, the main character from my short story "The Wily Thing." (Read an excerpt from the short story)

December 1, 2013

"Other Fires" reprinted in Mythic Delirium's retrospective issue

Turns out I was mistaken when I thought I'd never publish another poem in a print edition of Mythic Delirium. My poem "Other Fires" appears in Issue #30, a retrospective drawn from the first 25 issues. Although this will be the last print edition ever for Mythic Delirium, the magazine continues in a new and glorious digital version.

"Other Fires" was first published in Mythic Delirium #21 (Summer/Fall 2009), also known as the Trickster Issue.

November 14, 2013

New poem published: "Great-Great-Grandmother's Recipe Box"

Just published: my last poem that will ever see print in a paper edition of Mythic Delirium. [Actually, this turned out not to be true!] (Luckily that long-running, high-quality poetry magazine is continuing in a new and improved web format.)

"Great-Great-Grandmother's Recipe Box" describes the challenges of reproducing historic family recipes in the present day--especially when those recipes are highly unusual to start with.

Mythic Delirium #29

October 15, 2013

Now live on Lightspeed!

"Trouble Leaves a Scent Trail," my short story about an alien cop on a most unusual case, is now online for your reading pleasure in Lightspeed Magazine.

There's also an Author Spotlight by Patrick J. Stephens in which he interviews me about the writing of the story and brings out some backstage details about how it was inspired.

Read the story online
(To purchase an ebook version of the issue or to treat yourself to a subscription, just click on the Purchase/Subscribe button.)


What makes the story so much fun is Cooper's richly imagined insect world: where new models of clones are tested in society, and subject to recall if found defective; and where communication and navigation are conducted primarily by scent. --Bluejack, Internet Review of Science Fiction, 4/05

...The fact that the main character is a big bug that would give the Incredible Hulk feelings of physical inadequacy appeals to the inner 8-year-old-boy. Crunch! Crack! Squish! --Paul Iutzi, Tangent 5/3/05