April 10, 2013

Awesome readers!

WILY THINGS has now gone through what I as a former software engineer continue to think of as beta testing. Big thanks go out to:
  • Gann, a computational linguist and first reader extraordinaire, for his unflagging encouragement and insightful comments.
  • Emily, a superb science illustrator. Thanks for all your comments, especially for your suggestions about the scene in the forest glade.
  • Edwin, a software entrepreneur and longtime reader of sf. Thanks for telling me that the book kept you up late.
  • Dr. David Goldweber, English professor and author of  Claws & Saucers, an encyclopedic guide to classic science fiction, horror, and fantasy films. Thanks for going above and beyond to give me five pages of extremely useful comments, including invaluable advice about where to put the chapter breaks, and making it lively reading at the same time!